ANDAmazing Family Day!

“Oh how good it is when brethren dwells together in unity…” Psalms 133:1

May 7, 2016 – Jesus Lord of All Fellowship (Assemblies of God) brethren of Poblacion, Candijay, Bohol had its family day at one of the most sought-after beach destination in the province – Anda! With its 16 barangays, Anda offers long, white sand beaches which is just the right place to spend time to unwind and forget the daily hassle of life.

But for us JLOAns, the relaxation part is merely the icing on the cake, since the main reason for having this affair is to fellowship with our brothers and sisters and to worship God in His nearness through being one with nature (naks!). Hehe.

So without much further ado, let me take you to East Coast 2, Anda, Bohol, Philippines!

From Candijay, we traveled to Anda and reached East Coast 2. This banner welcomed us as we entered the premises of the resort. Big thanks to Bro Eric Piquero for bringing us here.

While waiting for others to arrive, we had the time for  ourselves to prepare and relax a bit after an almost 30-40 minute drive. And our way of resting is through baby sitting. Check out who is the best baby sitter in town! You be the judge! haha


But of course we can’t beat Sis Wilma who owns this sweet doll Charice ^.^


Soon enough we started the event through  a praise and worship as well as sharing  God’s word. (First things first, right?) In moments such as this, it is but worthy to be grateful to Him for creating a wonderful world for us to wander and enjoy.


‘Chowtime’ (yes, our all-time favorite) came and followed by ‘Showtime’ where series of games were played – where we discovered hidden talents of acting, creativity, alertness and not to mention a plausible “climbing” talent exhibited by Sis Odessa. Ever experienced laughing ’til you cried? Whoooaaa! We had loads of those hearty laughs during this segment. Hahaha (can’t help grinning as I was typing this paragraph) =)


And now (drumrolls…)  brace yourselves for  B E A C H T I ME!!! (Showing you few pics though, for I enjoyed so much that I forgot my photographer self. I will try to update this post if I can gather pics from others.)





But wait, there’s more to this resort than it’s clear blue waters. Adventure lurks from deep and  down below… Yes ladies and gents, there’s a cave within this ‘beachy’ paradise! Won’t you believe me? Let me show you…

 Did I forget to mention that there’s actually a fresh, almost river-like body of water inside this mysterious abode? Some even took a bath inside and I guarantee the water  smells nothing short of a perfume. And the rocks? Well, they rock! Hehe…

On a sad note, this blog must come to an end without a video presentation as compared to the previous ones (I was too “in the moment” and was a really busy bee running errands haha). But I smile at the thought that I can always come again to this paradise and when that time comes, I’ll film it – that’s a promise!)

So what can I say? It was absolutely a fantastic day! A toast to more times like this where we can celebrate our oneness as a Christian family. And thank you East Coast 2, you are ANDAmazing, just the way you are!



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