Trekking at Kantoligsok Hills

Whoever said summer is just meant for the beach is absolutely wrong. In a country which stores a hogde-podge of travel destinations, one can never limit his/ her trips to water  adventures alone. But a hot weather calls for a cool place to plunge in, you might contest.

Well, wait ’til I  take you to this out-of-the-box yet equally cool trip I ventured together with  a bunch of friends. You simply have to locate Mahangin, Candijay, Bohol, Philippines to get here.  Just so you know, once in  a while we can be  discoverers of  new sights for others to behold!

Jump starting our trekking adventure at about 6:00 am, we had the luxury of time to goof around for a photo-op. Smile, trekkers!
Oftentimes in our daily grind, we can no longer witness how the sun wakes from its slumber. So in this hiking trip, we just stood for a moment to capture this beautiful sunrise. Indeed, what an amazing God we have!
The path that leads to Kantoligsok hills can be tricky at some point but it’s absolutely ‘yakang-yaka’ just like Josephine who managed to capture a groufie. hehehe
Resting for awhile to catch our breath because this 30-minute hike is not something we do everyday.  For health enthusiasts, this is a great way to burn those calories.

Now I am at loss for words to describe the amazing view once you get from the hilltop, so I will just let the photos do the talking…









Inspired by the beauty of God’s creation, we proceeded with our photo shoot. hehehe



And after an arduous journey, the real ‘hunger games’ begin. hehehe.

Feasting on our “pandesal” from Guindulman, Bohol.

Showing you more photos…excusez-moi for we’re just some sort of frustrated models. hehehe ^.^


And finally, closing the trekking adventure with a group pic.


Indeed, there are a million ways to celebrate summer and this trekking adventure at Kantoligsok Hills was a simple yet breathtaking (literally, haha) experience we will never forget.

So click on this link Trekking at Kantoligsok Hills to see the video. Enjoy!


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