Bohol Adventure – a sweet travelscapade!

Here in the Philippines, as soon as the first day of April comes, every person imagines to be somewhere, somehow, with something great to do at the entrance of summer season. Who wouldn’t be excited about summer when our country boasts picturesque places, virgin islands, white sand beaches and amazing people?

In the Visayas area, there is one special place every Pinoy knows. A place where magnificent tourist attractions are in store for all to enjoy and experience. This place has captured the hearts of both local and international traveling souls. Where is this? Well, no time to guess – the title of this post tells it all.

So yes, Bohol is that warm place I am talking about. Surely, a perfect get-away for summer and holidays. In this post, I will share to you our family’s escape to a paradise – Panglao and Balicasag Island…

From Tagbilaran City, we ventured a 30-minute  drive to  Alona beach in Panglao. Motor boats are practically abundant in the shore waiting for tourists for island hopping adventures. The resort boasts a white sand beach and clear waters.
Tres Marias? Nope, the one in the leftmost is our momma. Posing for a photo-op in Alona beach. We wore rash guards to protect our skin from harmful UV rays. hehe. Really, the sun can get so super hot during summer season.
Riding a motor boat, we are now approaching Balicasag Island. Ohhhh.. that clear water!
Can’t help but take a quick shot of this happy family! Enjoy folks!
One of the best part – lunch time! There are food kiosks in Balicasag. You can bring your own food and just rent a space or table. But then again, you can’t control yourself to order sea foods available on their menu.
It’s time to find Nemo. hehe. To snorkeling off we go! You need to rent snorkeling devices and have an underwater camera ready.
At last! We found them! hahaha.
Whoooooaaaa! Amazing feeling! I have conquered the deep blue oceans of the world.
Another island worth your time, talent and treasure! This is a must-visit, Virgin Island!
And of course, a requisite family jump shot here in the Virgin island sand bar!
Sister act! Such a great backdrop, just perfect!

More photos…featuring some underwater shenanigans..hehe

And more.. hehe..

But sad to say, all good things come to an end. So we sailed back to Alona beach. But surely this is not goodbye…

And to wrap this blog up, here is a little memento. Bear with my amateur video-editing (hehehe). Panglao and Balicasag Island Adventure, give that a click for the video! All in all, I highly recommend this journey to all wanderers! Book that trip now!


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